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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Gubarev Fedor Aleksandrovich
Dissertation idias: the Laser on steams galogenidov metals with a rating the capacitive discharge ... more in detail 2008
Kotkovskiy Gennadiy Evgenevich
Dissertation example: the Laser desorption and a photodissociation of molecules of iodine on a surface volume and nanoporistogo quartz ... more in detail 2000
Goncharov Aleksey Sergeevich
Doctoral dissertation: Laser diagnostics of aberrations of a human eye with use of a phase tomography ... more in detail 2008
Korelskiy, Aleksey Viktorovich
Dissertation abstracts: Laser diagnostics of plasma in high-current impulsing discharges ... more in detail 2005
Popov Aleksey Petrovich
Dissertation sample: Laser diagnostics silnorasseivajushchih mediums and change of their optical properties by implantation nanochastitc ... more in detail 2006
Bashkirov Evgeniy Konstantinovich
Dissertation thesis: Laser dynamics of systems of two-and three-level atoms interreacting with quantized fields ... more in detail 2006
Kuznetcov Arseniy Igorevich
Phd dissertation: Laser updating of gels and hybrid materials on a bottom oksida the titan ... more in detail 2006
Kozhushko Viktor Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Laser optico-acoustic diagnostics of schistose mediums ... more in detail 2004
Smirnov V.V.
Dissertation topics: Laser spectroscopy coherent Antistokes dispersion of light of the molecular gases ... more in detail
Lebedenko Stepan Igorevich
New dissertation idias: Laser spectroscopy of builders svetoindutciruemoj fermentativnoj responses ... more in detail 2007
Kozlova Galina Vladimirovna
Dissertation idias: Laser spectroscopy of the modified molecular objects ... more in detail 2005
Akimov Aleksey Vladimirovich
Dissertation example: Laser spectroscopy of non-linear resonances in samarium in the presence of collisions ... more in detail 2003
ZHukov Evgeniy Alekseevich
Doctoral dissertation: Laser spectroscopy of nonequilibrium processes in semiconductor quantum hairlines and points ... more in detail 2004
Moskalenko Irina Viktorovna
Dissertation abstracts: Laser spectroscopy, Its application in a plasma physics and applied problems ... more in detail 2004
Egorov Aleksandr Stepanovich
Dissertation sample: the Laser stage photoionization of atoms as a method of definition of tracks of devices in objects of sea medium ... more in detail
Banishev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Dissertation thesis: Laser fluorimetrija of ensembles of localised donorno-ACCEPTOR pairs: On an example of fibers ... more in detail 2008
Fateev Nikolay Vasilevich
Phd dissertation: the Lazerno-induced processes of formation of negatively ionised atoms in the molecular gases ... more in detail
Andrianov Sergey Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: the Lazerno-initiated effects of a coherence in spontaneous radiation of solid bodies ... more in detail 2005
CHen Boris Borisovich
Dissertation topics: Lazerno-lokatsionnoe atmosphere sounding in the central-Asian region ... more in detail 2001
Banishev Aleksandr Fedorovich
New dissertation idias: Lazerno-stimulirovannye microstructural processes in condensed mediums ... more in detail 2004
Taraz Madzhid
Dissertation idias: Lazerno-fluorescent examination of biological fabrics with application of fiber-optical devices ... more in detail 2004
Loshenov Maksim Viktorovich
Dissertation example: Lazerno-fluorescent maloinvazivnye methods of dosimetry of allocation of light and concentration of glucose in biological fabrics ... more in detail 2006
Panov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: Laser excitation of nonequilibrium carriers in shirokozonnyh dielectrics ... more in detail
Kuzmenko Natalyа Aleksandrovna
Dissertation abstracts: Laser action at the dimensional processing and modifying of blankets of heterogeneous materials ... more in detail 2004
Kireev Sergey Vasilevich
Dissertation sample: Laser detection of isotopes of iodine ... more in detail 2003
Melentev Pavel Nikolaevich
Dissertation thesis: Laser Zeeman cooling of atoms and their dynamics in a quadrupole trap ... more in detail 2003
SHemanin Valeriy Gennadevich
Phd dissertation: Laser sounding of multicomponent gas streams ... more in detail 2006
Rizhkov Mihail Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: Laser radiation in is casual-non-uniform mediums on the basis of ZnO at a nanosecond photoexcitation ... more in detail 2007
CHaushanskiy Sergey Alekseevich
Dissertation topics: Laser partitioning of isotopes Ytterbium and palladium on the basis of system of tunable lasers on dye ... more in detail 2005
Molodenskiy Mihail Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Laser guidance of circumrotatory dynamics of biatomic molecules ... more in detail 2007

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