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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Artamkin Igor Vadimovich
Dissertation idias: Geometry and combination theory punktirovannyh curves with the elementary singularities ... more in detail 2006
Tumanova Lyudmila Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Geometry and optical properties of quantum points with the impurity centres ... more in detail 2007
Boyko Pavel YUrevich
Doctoral dissertation: Geometry and topology of fields quantum gljuodinamiki ... more in detail 2008
Kaledin Dmitriy Borisovich
Dissertation abstracts: Geometry and topology of symplectic solutions ... more in detail 2008
Korovina Nataly Valentinovna
Dissertation sample: Geometry of integrable cases of dynamics of a rigid body ... more in detail 2006
Valeev Ruslan Runarovich
Dissertation thesis: Geometry kvazikosimplekticheskih varieties ... more in detail 2004
Levkovetc Vadim Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Geometry locally is conformal kvazi-sasakievyh varieties ... more in detail 2004
Ilyutko Denis Petrovich
Dissertation proposal: Geometry locally the minimum and extreme webs in spaces with norms ... more in detail 2005
Ivanov Denis Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: Geometry of variety of directions of the physical Spaces ... more in detail 2001
Golubeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
New dissertation idias: Geometry of the equipped submanifolds in space of projectively-metric connectivity ... more in detail 2006
Brailov YUriy Andreevich
Dissertation idias: Geometry of singularities of integrable systems on Lie algebras ... more in detail 2003
Silaev Evgeniy Vasilevich
Dissertation example: Geometry of the surface laying on a hyperspherical ... more in detail
Vinogradov Aleksandr Mihaylovich
Doctoral dissertation: Geometry of spaces of jets and its application to the theory of symmetries and conservation laws of nonlinear differential partial equations ... more in detail
Kuzub Nataly Mihaylovna
Dissertation abstracts: Geometry of pseudo-octava spaces ... more in detail 2004
Rodionova Marina Vladimirovna
Dissertation sample: Geometry symmetrical tenzornyh of fields on a Riemannian variety ... more in detail 2005
Dmitrieva Tatyna Vladimirovna
Dissertation thesis: Geometry of equiaffine maps ... more in detail 2006
Belousov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Phd dissertation: Geometrooptichesky calculation of surfaces for formation of the given two-dimensional allocations of light exposure ... more in detail 2008
Vahtomin YUriy Borisovich
Dissertation proposal: Heterodyne transformation of frequency of submillimetric radiation to superconducting films NbN and two-dimensional electronic gas of heterostructures AlGaAs/GaAs ... more in detail 2005
Verzhakovskay Marina Aleksandrovna
Dissertation topics: an aluminium Heterodiffusion in gland in a pulsing magnetic field ... more in detail 2008
Moiseev Konstantin Dmitrievich
New dissertation idias: Heterojunctions of II type on a bottom uzkozonnyh semiconductors A3B5 ... more in detail 2005
Tarasov Ily Sergeevich
Dissertation idias: Heterostructures in system of firm solutions InGaAsP and lasers on their bottom ... more in detail 2002
Lunina Marina Leonidovna
Dissertation example: Heterostructures on a bottom vismutsoderzhashchih firm solutions of linkings A3V5, Gained by a method zonnoj recrystallizations a temperature lapse rate ... more in detail 2008
Nikolskay Lyudmila Vladimirovna
Doctoral dissertation: Heterostructures on a bottom halkogenidov europium and lead ... more in detail 2006
Ratushniy Viktor Ivanovich
Dissertation abstracts: Heterostructures on the basis of fourfold and pjaternyh firm solutions A III B V (Thermodynamics, reception, properties and application) ... more in detail 2004
Romanovich Tamila Nikolaevna
Dissertation sample: Hybrid integral transformations (Fourier, Besselja) with application to problems of mathematical physics. ... more in detail 1991
Kondratev Vladislav Igorevich
Dissertation thesis: Huge momentums and micromomentums in a radio emission of pulsars ... more in detail 2004
Rudenko Dmitriy Sergeevich
Phd dissertation: the Huge dipole resonance in photonuclear experiments of various type ... more in detail 2004
Kurlyndskay Galina Vladimirovna
Dissertation proposal: the Huge magnetic impedance and its communication with a magnetic anisotropy and processes of magnetisation of the ferromagnetic structures ... more in detail 2007
Rozenberg Irina Genrihonovna
Dissertation topics: A pipeline Water resistance at a non-stationary turbulent flow ... more in detail
Matvienko YUriy Viktorovich
New dissertation idias: the Hydroultrasonic complex of navigation of the underwater robot ... more in detail 2004

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