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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Kornievskay Valeriy Sergeevna
Dissertation idias: Studying supramolekuljarnyh structures glitcirrizinovoj acids in solutions methods 1H a nuclear magnetic resonance and HPJa ... more in detail 2008
Baskov Aleksandr Borisovich
Dissertation example: Studying teksturoobrazovanija at strain in monocrystal and polikristalllicheskom chrome ... more in detail
Kartashov Anatoliy Petrovich
Doctoral dissertation: Studying tektonofizicheskih performances of the up-to-date movements of a ground surface on geodetic data (on an example of the Alma-Ati geodynamic range) ... more in detail
Popov Vladimir Georgievich
Dissertation abstracts: Studying teplofizicheskih performances intruzivnyh rocks ... more in detail
Panov Evgeniy Valentinovich
Dissertation sample: Studying current layers on border of a magnetosphere of the Earth according to four companions klaster ... more in detail 2007
YAnek Marian
Dissertation thesis: Studying of angular dependence of analyzing abilities of responses-ddZ3Hen and-ddZ3H p at energy of a deuteron 270 MehV ... more in detail 2007
Alimov Toirhon
Phd dissertation: Studying of an energy distribution of the primary space Radiations in the field of energy 10-10 EhV ... more in detail
CHukanov Artem Vladislavovich
Dissertation proposal: Studying of effects of a fragmentation in processes nejtrinorozhdenija the strange hadrons in experiment Nomad (Cern) ... more in detail 2006
Varlamov Sergey Dmitrievich
Dissertation topics: Studying of a kernel magnetic resonance at optical excitation of molecules ... more in detail
Kamalova Dina Ilevna
New dissertation idias: the Ik-spectroscopic method of conformation sondes in studying of local dynamics of polymetric compounds ... more in detail 2006
Dang Suan Hay 0
Dissertation idias: Ik-spectroscopic examination of a structure of molecules tsis - a trance-detsenov of 2-5 and conformation isomers of some aminonitrilov (the Appendix to desertatcii) ... more in detail
Korolev Fedor Anatolevich
Dissertation example: the Impedance nanoporistyh oksidov aluminium and the titan with the adsorbed water near to phase transition water - ice ... more in detail 2008
Gladkih Andrey Aleksandrovich
Doctoral dissertation: the Pulsing cabinet for physical examinations of hyperacoustic detonation streams ... more in detail 2004
Vorzobova Nadezhda Dmitrievna
Dissertation abstracts: Pulsing recording of graphic hologrammes: Materials, methods, quality of the image ... more in detail 2004
SHirobokov Sergey Valentinovich
Dissertation sample: the Pulsing X-ray tube for 100-sm rentgenoehlektronnogo a magnetic spectrometer ... more in detail 2003
Osokin Dmitriy YAkovlevich
Dissertation thesis: Pulsing spectroscopy of a kernel quadrupole resonance 14N ... more in detail
Kiryuhin YUriy Borisovich
Phd dissertation: Pulsewise-periodic lasers on galogenidah inertial gases (XeF, KrF, XeCl) ... more in detail 1937
Popkov Gennadiy Nikolaevich
Dissertation proposal: the Pulsewise-periodic electroionization CO-laser with cryogenic cooling ... more in detail 2007
Kasynov Vladimir Borisovich
Dissertation topics: Pulsing transpiration and formation of the ionic packages in a laser time-of-flight mass spectrometry ... more in detail 2006
Baksht Evgeniy Haimovich
New dissertation idias: Pulsing gas lasers with semiconductor contact makers of a current ... more in detail 2002
Sinitcin Dmitriy Vasilevich
Dissertation idias: Pulsing tunable molecular lasers medial IK a gamut with an electroionization rating ... more in detail 2003
Suhanova Lyubov Aleksandrovna
Dissertation example: Pulsing streams in the electrothermal accelerator and their action on construction devices ... more in detail 2005
Golub Viktor Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: Pulsing jet supersonic flows ... more in detail 2004
YAkovenko Sergey Leonidovich
Dissertation abstracts: the Pulsing injector of positrons of low energy ... more in detail 2007
SHabalin Evgeniy Pavlovich
Dissertation sample: the Pulsing research reactor of periodic activity: Problems and solutions ... more in detail 2004
Ponomarev Denis Vladimirovich
Dissertation thesis: Pulsing plazmohimicheskij synthesis nanorazmernyh oksidov ... more in detail 2006
Razin Sergey Vladimirovich
Phd dissertation: the Impulsing discharge in tjazh#lyh the gases, raised in a magnetic trap powerful radiation of a millimetric gamut of lengths of waves in the conditions of an electronic cyclotron resonance ... more in detail 2004
Razin Sergey Vladimirovich
Dissertation proposal: the Impulsing discharge in heavy gases, Raised in a magnetic trap powerful radiation of a millimetric gamut of lengths of waves in the conditions of an electronic cyclotron resonance ... more in detail 2004
Dmitriev Vladimir Vladimirovich
Dissertation topics: the Pulsing nuclear magnetic resonance in 3Ne-in ... more in detail
Fayzullin Ramil Rashitovich
New dissertation idias: Invariant variation problems on special homogeneous spaces ... more in detail 2007

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