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The information presented on given page, is received as a result of technical translation from Russian.
Semenov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Reactions of the interfaced halogenation of derivatives tritciklo [ 2,7] heptanes ... more in detail 2004
Sokova Lyubov Lvovna
Dissertation example: Reactions of lead tetraacetate with alcohol and carboxylic acids for lack of solvent ... more in detail 2005
SHukina Svetlana Mihaylovna
Doctoral dissertation: Reactions three - and pentahloridov phosphorus with mono-and dicyclic hydrocarbons ... more in detail 2002
Ivantcova Mariy Nikolaevna
Dissertation abstracts: Reactions Ugi and Passerini in various environments and in the presence of catalysts ... more in detail 2006
TCoy Sen Sik 0
Dissertation sample: Reactions ferrotcenilmetallov with cerium complexes ... more in detail
Antonova Inessa Izosimovna
Dissertation thesis: Reactions is functional-replaced a heme-dihlortsiklopropanov with derivatives three - tetra - and pentakoordinirovannogo phosphorus ... more in detail 2003
Stepanyn YUliy Gevorkovna
Phd dissertation: Reactions tcinkorganicheskih connections with derivatives 2-tsianopropenovoj acids, 2-arilmetilenindan-1,3-dionami and 5-arilmetilen-2,2-dimetil-1,3-dioksan-4,6-dionami ... more in detail 2007
Platova Elena Valentinovna
Dissertation proposal: Reactions chetvertichnyh ammonievyh the bases with white phosphorus. Reception of phosphites and hypophosphites tetraalkilammonija ... more in detail 2006
SHevchenko Maksim Aleksandrovich
Dissertation topics: Reactions ehlektrofilnoj heteroring formations of derivatives pirrolo [3,4-d] pirimidin-2,4 (1H, 3H)-diona ... more in detail 2003
YAsko Svetlana Vitalevna
New dissertation idias: Reactions of element sulphur and its derivatives with unsaturated compounds with microwave assistance ... more in detail 2007
YAshin Nikolay Vladimirovich
Dissertation idias: Reactions ehtilnitrodiazoatcetata with the olefines containing minor cycles. Synthesis of not natural polycyclic amino acids and nitrotriangulanov ... more in detail 2004
Budarina Ekaterina Viktorovna
Dissertation example: Reactions [3+2] tcikloprisoedinenija C, N-dizameshchennyh nitriliminov to the heterogeneous ring compounds containing exocyclic C=S and C=N communications ... more in detail 2006
Golishevskiy Igor Vladimirovich
Doctoral dissertation: of Reaction [60] fullerena with molecular fluorine in matrixes of fluorides of metals in the lowest oxidation states ... more in detail 2005
Rutto Marika Valerevna
Dissertation abstracts: Reactivity 2-tiotiazolidonov in a solid phase ... more in detail 2004
Osipova Galina Vycheslavovna
Dissertation sample: Reactivity b-substituted and b, b-annelirovannyh porfirazinov in processes of acid-base interaction ... more in detail 2005
Osipova Galina Vycheslavovna
Dissertation thesis: Reactivity Z-replaced and Z, Z-annelirovannyh porfirazinov in processes of acid-base interaction ... more in detail 2005
Hramchenko Vladimir Evgenevich
Phd dissertation: Reactivity and a plastic strain, stimulirovannye electric and magnetic fields in crystals of silver azides and lead ... more in detail 2003
Kim Tay-Mun 0
Dissertation proposal: Reactivity and a structure of complexes lantanidnyh moving reagents with ligands siloaksatciklogeksanovogo a number according to PMR ... more in detail
Goncharov Vladimir Borisovich
Dissertation topics: Reactivity of cations and oksoionov metals VI and VII groups with small molecules in a gas phase ... more in detail 2007
Denisova Taisa Grigorevna
New dissertation idias: Reactivity kislorodtcentrirovannyh radicals in reactions of breakoff, Additions and isomerizations ... more in detail 2006
Teregulova Aygul Nakipovna
Dissertation idias: Reactivity of organic compounds in reactions of breakoff of atom of hydrogen from S-S-communications by sulphate anion-radical SO4 ... more in detail 2005
Zabelina Olga Nikolaevna
Dissertation example: Reactivity of polyphenochlors and identification of products of their chemical transfomations ... more in detail 2007
Sapozhnikova Nataly Gapdrashitovna
Doctoral dissertation: Reactivity of derivatives 1,1,1-trihlor-2,2-diariletana at interaction with nitrites of alkali metals and sintezy on their basis ... more in detail 2004
Behterev Viktor Nikolaevich
Dissertation abstracts: Reactivity solid sokondensatorov tetrafeniltciklopentadiena with toxilic anhydride, titanium tetrachloride with methyl acrylate and cyclopentadiene ... more in detail
Petrov Oleg Aleksandrovich
Dissertation sample: Reactivity tetraazaporfirinov in processes of acid-base interaction and formation of molecular complexes ... more in detail 2004
Skazov Roman Sergeevich
Dissertation thesis: Reactivity ferrotcenilalkilnyh derivatives in the conditions of ionisation by electrons and electrodispersion ... more in detail 2007
Odinetc Irina Leonovna
Phd dissertation: Reactivity fosforzameshchennyh Sn-acids in the conditions of interphase catalysis. New types linear and cyclic fosfororganicheskih connections ... more in detail 2006
Guseva Ekaterina Viktorovna
Dissertation proposal: Reactivity of fluorinated unsaturated compounds and b-diketonov in reactions with aliphatic diazo compounds ... more in detail 2004
Repina Nataliy Vladimirovna
Dissertation topics: Reactivity of functional derivatives tetrazaporfirinov on an example of complexes of manganese ... more in detail 2004
Koroteev Pavel Sergeevich
New dissertation idias: Reactivity, thermal decomposition and spectral characteristics of complexes germilenov and stannilenov with transitive metals and atcetilatcetonatnyh complexes Ge (IV) and Sn (IV) ... more in detail

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